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Why Choose Dr. Smith

Dr Tim Smith, Ph.D., C.Psych. - Psychologist - brings over 20 years of experience delivering psychological services to children teens, adults, and families. Although each client brings a somewhat unique situation, it is very likely that Dr. Smith has worked with many clients presenting the same broad issues that you are dealing with.


  • He has been formally certified to provide psychological services to children, teens, and adults.
  • He uses a strengths based solution oriented form of counselling which helps clients incorporate their own strengths and abilities to bring about positive change
  • He draws on therapeutic techniques that have been empirically validated – clinical research has shown that they are useful for the particular problem or issue being presented
  • He is a very good listener which helps him to get a good sense of your situation. This provides a strong foundation on which to offer a new perspective and to make suggestions.
  • Because he offers both counselling and formal assessment services he can readily offer counselling clients supplemental assessment services to help clarify the nature of more complex issues
  • He is well known throughout Simcoe County and his counselling and assessment work is well regarded
  • He has worked in school boards and through this experience knows how to write reports that are likely to help you access available supports
  • whychoose.jpgHis assessment reports are user-friendly, practical, and tailored to your needs
  • He always assesses strengths as well as problems
  • His assessments are thorough – he does not use abbreviated or mini test batteries to save on time at the expense of quality
  • Whether you are looking for assessment or counselling you will be able to get you started right away – time slots are always kept open for new clients


Why Choose Dr. Tim Smith

  • Over 20 years of child psychology experience
  • Formally trained to work with children, teens, and adults
  • Assesses strengths as well as problems
  • User-friendly, practical and tailored assessments
  • Offers virtual counselling and assessment services by secure video-conferencing

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